About Us

Welcome to Our Family!

My name is Aggie Haydock and I am the owner of Heart to Heart Seniors Services.  I became involved in this business because I saw a need for a higher level of care for seniors that incorporates compassion, dignity and respect at all stages of life.  I want to provide services that give your family peace of mind during one of life’s most chaotic changes – when a loved one is too ill or disabled to care for him or herself. 

Our team can help with a range of tasks, big and small, to help keep your loved one in their own home for a longer period of time. 

We are proud to say that in all of our years of operation, no one has ever been on a wait list for care.  More often than not, we are able to put a care plan in place within a few days of receiving a call for help. 

Our business has grown over the years and we have become a go-to resource for recommendations on many aspects of elder care.  We can get you connected to the help you need, even if it is not a service we provide. 

See our Services page for a more detailed description of the daily, weekly, or monthly services we offer.

I am a proud Rotarian and believe strongly in working to build a safe and supportive community for all people. This commitment to care, compassion, and advocacy is the literal heart of everything we do at Heart to Heart Seniors Services.

I look forward to meeting you and welcoming your loved ones into the Heart to Heart Family!