Kind Words

From Anonymous

I can’t possibly say enough in praise of Aggie and her whole team at Heart to Heart…at Heart to Heart, miracles are all in a day’s work. 

For the final weeks of Dad’s life, Aggie and her staff were indispensable. They took their cues from Dad and from me, and in a thousand ways helped me to care for him and keep the house running, often anticipating what would be needed before I had thought of it. 

Underneath all the care and help, the sense of emotional support was there from everyone. This intuitive understanding and compassion is what defines Heart to Heart and sets it apart. 

From Phil D. 

As I try to carry on with my life without Nancy by my side, I would like to take time to reflect on the enormous contribution that you and your staff made to Nancy’s life during the last years.
Joanne’s help made a big difference to Nancy’s care. I could not have done anything without Joanne’s help. Her always positive attitude and cheery outlook was very refreshing. She always pushed us both up when we may have been down and assisted us in so many ways outside the envelope. I would recommend her for any client that comes your way. Deborah as an integral part of the team allowed me to ensure that payments were made promptly. It was good to see biweekly accounts.
Your calm leadership Aggie, timely input and the ability to help us move on has provided a stable environment for us to live and thrive in. It has been my pleasure to know all of you. I only wish that our parting had been on a more happy note. Thanks once again for all your efforts

From Heather S.

Heart to Heart provided exactly what my Aunt and I needed.  I was her Power of Attorney but I live in UK. Whilst a lot can be sorted at long range through technology, I needed someone on the spot to take care of the day-to-day things, doing what I would have done were I living in the same town.  Although I spoke to my Aunt regularly on the phone, if I had concerns, I could call Heart to Heart.  They provided a companion three afternoons a week.  This companion became a true friend over time, sitting and talking with my Aunt, taking her out shopping, for a ride along the waterfront or accompanying her to medical appointments.  Nothing was ever too much trouble or beyond their remit.  Heart to Heart called me during my Aunt final illness when they felt I should make the journey and, as such, I was able to spend the last few days at her side.  They even assisted with packing up her belongings and the funeral arrangements.  I was so grateful for their professionalism, discreet assistance and friendship which gave me peace of mind and greatly enhanced my Aunt’s quality of life in my absence.

From Steve and Margie 

We …. cannot say enough about the quality of care provided.

With none of our immediate family members living in the Kingston area we relied heavily on Aggie and her excellent team to provide support and care for our elderly mother.


From Allan and Michelle 

We never dreamed Dad and Mom would have the help and heartfelt care that Aggie and her staff have been able to provide.

Heart to Heart has allowed them to continue to live in Kingston with friends and neighbours they have had for a lifetime and given the entire family the peace of mind that our parents want for us.

What Heart to Heart has meant to our family:

My Mom passed away a number of years ago and my Dad needed a place to live other than the cottage. We found a lovely spot in Kingston, half way between Toronto and Montreal where my sister and I were living and near to the family cottage…


From Graham M.

 “Part of the intangible value of Aggie and her team at Heart to Heart is the consistency, continuity and customization they bring to my mother’s care.  As a 91 year old living with Alzheimer’s, there are very intimate and specific details about her needs and day-to-day routine that cannot be met by the retirement home.  Aggie is able to intuitively sense when an increase or modification in care is warranted, and she partners with me to resolve issues as they arise.  She is my “go-to” resource and I recommend her services with the utmost confidence.”

From Lyn R.

“…I have often said, “Aggie to the rescue,” and that is not an understatement!…Aggie has a passion for seniors and their needs. Not just the practical, but also the little things in life that make seniors more comfortable…She is nothing short of amazing. Her tenacity speaks for itself as does her positive approach and calm demeanor…”