Exercise is an essential part of staying healthy as we age. Getting active can promote brain health, reduce the risks associated with heart disease and diabetes, improve mood, and keep you looking and feeling young. 

If you’d rather eat rocks than exercise, there is good news! Exercise doesn’t have to be difficult and it doesn’t have to be something that makes you feel miserable. Moving your body can be both easy and fun! Obviously, a few of these things are weather dependent but if you dress properly, you should be able to manage just fine! 

Here are some ways you can get moving AND enjoy yourself!

Leave the car at home

If you are taking a short trip, leave the car at home. If you are just popping into the store for one item, why not throw on some comfy shoes and walk? Not only will the be better for your health, but it will also be better for the environment too! 

If you have to take the car, park a distance from your destination. You don’t have to park miles away but by parking far away is an easy way to incorporate more steps into your day. 

Join a class

Sign up for an activity that interests you. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn to ballroom dance, maybe you want to give yoga a try. Aquafit? Pilates? Pickleball? Gyms aren’t for everyone so try to find something that you will like to do and just do it. Not only can this improve your health, but you might also make some new friends. 

Check in with the Seniors Association, the YMCA, dance studios, and local gyms to see what’s available to you and go from there. 

Walk a dog

Dogs are a great excuse to get outside. If you don’t have one of your own, consider volunteering as a walker at the Humane Society or ask a neighbour or friend if you could come along when they walk their dog. 

If you know a senior (or anyone else) who is unable to walk their dog, volunteer to do it for them. It will be good for everyone!

Make tech your friend

If you are someone who listens to podcasts or audiobooks, take them on the road. Walk around your house, garden, or visit a park while you listen. If your listening material is enthralling enough, you won’t even notice that you’re exercising!

If you don’t listen to anything regularly, use time spent on the phone as a reason to move. When talking to friends or to the grandchildren, walk around the house for the duration of the call. 

Take the grandkids out

Grandkids can be little bundles of energy — tap into it! Take them to the park or on a nature hike. This area is surrounded by opportunities like the K&P trail or the Little Cataraqui Conservation Area. This is a chance to blow off excess energy, learn, and connect with one another and the world that surrounds you. 

Exercising does not have to be difficult and it does not have to be complicated. Simply find something you like to do and do it!

If you are at all concerned about whether or not a particular activity is safe for you and your health conditions, consult your doctor before you begin.